New Terminal Construction: Proposed PFC Amendments

New Terminal Construction: Proposed PFC Amendments

Notice of Intent to Amend and Use a Passenger Facility Charge

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Airports intends to file an application with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to amend and use Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) 2000-06-U / 1997-04-I / 2007-08-C for a project at the San Luis Obispo County Airport – McChesney Field.

1. Notification was sent to Air Carriers on April 11th, 2016.
2. The Airline Consultation Meeting was held at 10:00am on May 12, 2016.
PFC Amendment Proposal Presentation
PFC Amendment Proposal

2000-06-U / 1997-04-I
Proposed Amendment
$6,820,830 Original Application
$1,000,000 Proposed Increase
$7,820,830 Amended Application, Proposed

Proposed Amendment
2/1/2019 Legal Charge Date Expiration
3 Years Proposed Extension
2/1/2022 Amended Application, Proposed

3. Public Notice / Comment Period will be from May 13th – June 30th, 2016. Please submit all comments to
4. PFC Amendment submitted to FAA: July 15th, 2016, tentative
5. FAA Amendment Reviews – 30 days
6. FAA Final Decision / Approval: August 15th, tentative.
7. Notification to Air Carriers – 30 days

Summary Project Description
This project will replace the existing terminal with a new building in location that eliminates non-standard conditions at the Airport. The current terminal complex encroaches on the airfield and results in non-standard runway to taxi way separation. This new Facility will eliminate the encroachment and will be constructed adjacent to air carrier apron constructed under a prior project to accommodate a new terminal building.

Rendering of the new SBP airport terminal building showing the front of the building

Key benefits to the project include:

1.    Elimination of non-standard conditions at the Airport.
2.    Replacement of an antiquated 44-year old building.
3.    Replacement of an undersized building – 12,500ft2. For over 250,000 annual passengers-current standards would provide a facility multiple times larger.
4.    Accommodate airline equipment change from prop-driven Brasilia’s to Regional Jets without encroachment on airfield safety areas.

Rendering of the inside of the new SBP airport terminal building. Tall ceilings and natural colors.

Project elements include:

1.    Single level building approximately 50,000ft2 in size.
2.    All needed aviation specialty equipment, such as bag systems, flight information displays, security access equipment, passenger boarding bridges, etc.
3.    Select airside pavement and fencing to tie into existing aircraft apron previously constructed to accommodate a new terminal.
4.    Select auto parking improvements to accommodate rental cars adjacent to building and pavement of an existing gravel public parking lot.
5.    Miscellaneous improvements to integrate the building into the existing site.

Rendering showing the new ticket counter area in the SBP airport terminal building
Rendering showing the new security area in the SBP airport terminal building with a large landscape painting on the wall

Project approvals and status:

1.    San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors (BOS) has approved the design, funding, and a budget of $35,422,008 for the new terminal project.
2.    Construction of the New Terminal project is currently under way, with ground-breaking occurring on October 10th, 2015.

New Terminal Project Budget
Existing FAA Grant Funding$22,399,403
Pending FAA Grant Funding$   2,348,852
Budgeted FAA Grant Funding$24,748,255
Budgeted PFC Funding$4,394,171
Budgeted CFC Funding$339,802
Budgeted Local Funding$  5,939,780
New Terminal Project Budget$35,422,008

PFC Amendment Calculation



New Terminal Project Budget$4,394,171
Other$     40,459
Total PFC Funds Needed$4,434,630
PFC Funds Available @ 9/30/16$3,471,269
PFC Amendment, Proposed$963,361
PFC Amendment Proposed, Rounded$1,000,000