We’re Committed to Nonstop Service

Protecting our passengers, supporting our community, keeping our region moving.

The airport’s highest priority has always been the safety and security of our passengers. As COVID-19 changes the travel experience, we remain committed to protecting our customers as they travel through SBP. That’s why we’ve launched our Nonstop Service program. Going far beyond additional cleanings, it’s a comprehensive effort to keep our community safe, connected, and informed. From reduced seating in our restaurant to restoring airline routes, we’ll work nonstop to ensure that the airport is safe, clean, and as convenient as ever.

The cornerstones of Nonstop Service are health, safety, security, and community. We aim to provide exemplary service in each area.


The staff at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport will provide the best possible care for passengers by following rigorous federal, state, and local health and safety guidelines. As part of our Nonstop Service, we’ll also clarify the new travel procedures. Easy to understand instructions are located throughout the terminal, and our website will stay updated with the critical information that you need to know when planning your trip.

Safety & Security

The global pandemic has changed the way we fly. Regulations regarding face coverings and checkpoint procedures may continue to shift but one thing won’t: our responsibility to keep our travelers safe and secure. Through our Nonstop Service program we will support any new requirements, and also keep our passengers informed to ensure their journey is as smooth as possible.


San Luis Obispo residents and businesses need to stay connected to the world. Our Nonstop Service program is also our commitment to provide reliable airline service to a variety of destinations. The airport remains open and operational, and we will continue to work with our carriers to keep our region moving. Whether for business or for leisure, when you’re ready to travel again, we’re ready to help.

Wherever you see our Nonstop Service emblem, you’ll see one more way the airport is supporting you on your journey.