Public Notice of Passenger Facility Charge Application
San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport
Date of Publication: January 22, 2018

San Luis Obispo County (“County”) intends to file a Notice of Intent to impose Passenger Facility Charges (“PFC”) and use PFC revenue to fund projects at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (“Airport”).

The notice complies with the requirement in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 158.24 that the Airport provide written notice to the public and an opportunity for public comment before filing a PFC application with the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”).

The Airport plans to impose a $4.50 charge for each enplaned passenger. Presented below in Table 1 are the PFC Level, the proposed charge effective date, the estimated charge expiration date, and the estimated total PFC revenue to be collected.

Table 1 – 18-09-C-00-SBP PFC Application

Application Required Item Estimated PFC Revenue
PFC Level $4.50
Proposed Charge Effective Date February 1, 2019
Estimated Charge Expiration Date August 1, 2027
Estimated Total PFC Revenue to be Collected:

1. Terminal Development and Construction, Debt Service






TOTAL $6,890,000

As required in Part 158.24, PFC project descriptions, justifications, PFC level, estimated total PFC revenue are presented below.


Project 1: Terminal Development and Construction, Including Debt Service and Financing

Description: Development and construction work completed for the new passenger terminal building, addressing elements of capacity including, but not limited to lobby space, queuing, secure waiting, baggage claim and baggage handling system upgrades, additional boarding gates, definitive arrival and departure areas, terminal building entry/exit circulation and access improvements, and property acquisition necessary for roadway access improvements integral to the future terminal  development project. The project includes eligible debt servicing and financing for the associated work to repay an IBank loan.  The new passenger terminal opened to the public in October 2018.

Map of Airport

Map of Airport

Justification: A new passenger terminal is necessary to resolve non-standard conditions on the airfield. The existing terminal building is currently located within the Part 77 primary surface for Runway 11-29 and hence considered an obstruction to air navigation. The project is to construct a new terminal building away from the primary surface.

The capacity of the passenger terminal is inadequate. Passenger traffic growth is exceeding projections for commuter travel. There are frequent periods of congestion in and around the terminal area. Existing conditions limit competition among carriers as no buildable space remains. One boarding gate makes multiple aircraft boarding difficult at best and has caused
delays. The baggage conveyor system is inadequate and the baggage claim area is routinely congested. Passengers claiming baggage, patrons of rental car agencies, meeters and greeters must compete for available space. The concession area is too small and is limited in offerings due to space limitations. Roadway access is insufficient to carry the burden of traffic, curbside loading / unloading, and to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

The project enhances safety, security, and addresses capacity of the national air transportation system. Expansion of the terminal building furnishes opportunities for enhanced competition between and among air carriers. Safety is enhanced by providing increased protection while enplaning or deplaning passengers when multiple carriers occupy the parking apron area. Arriving and departing passengers will no longer have access to the same inclined walkway thereby increasing security. Roadway access improvements will allow for the smooth flow of traffic in and around the terminal area. Expansion will allow introduction of additional carrier service, rental car, ground transportation services, and concession opportunities.

PFC Level: $4.50                                                                                 Estimated PFC Revenue: $6,890,000

The period for public comment will expire on February 20, 2018.

Comments may be submitted, or additional information obtained, by contacting:

Kevin R. Bumen, C.A.E., C.M.
Director of Airports
San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport
(805) 781-5205

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