Airport Onsite COVID-19 Testing Available Now

Arriving and departing passengers can travel safely and conveniently by getting COVID-19 tests onsite at the San Luis Obispo airport.

How it Works

It’s easy for arriving and departing passengers to get a COVID-19 test at the airport. Simply schedule an appointment time, upload the required information, and get results in as little as 4 hours after your test.

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Who can get tested: Available to arriving and departing passengers, and badged airport personnel
Where to get tested: Main Terminal, 975 Airport Drive, Room 147
When to get tested: Sunday – Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM, by appointment only


In a comprehensive effort to protect passengers and keep the region moving, the airport has launched its SBP Nonstop Service health and safety program. Nonstop Service focuses on the key elements of health, safety, security, and community. The program goes far beyond additional cleaning measures and is a wide-ranging plan to keep the community safe, connected, and informed when traveling through the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the onsite COVID-19 testing?

This on-site testing opportunity is available to passengers, SBP employees, and airport personnel (concessionaires, airline employees, rental car employees, FBO staff). An individual will need to have a ticket into or out of SBP) or an airport employee badge to qualify.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments are available online at

What are the hours of operation of the testing site?

The facility will be open 8 AM – 8 PM Sunday – Friday

What type of test will be offered?

Two types of COVID-19 tests will be offered at the facility. Travelers can select a test based on requirements at their destination, time constraints, and personal preference:

  • Molecular RT-LAMP (mLife True Saliva testing kit) will be offered, with test results available within 4 hours
  • Molecular PCR will also be offered, with test results available within 48 hours
Where do I find my COVID-19 test results?

All test information is securely provided to users via Nova Labs’ patient portal. Visit to login in.

How do I find the airport COVID-19 testing location?

In the main airport terminal, Room 147 is next to the rental car agencies and baggage carousel.  

How much does the COVID-19 test cost and who pays for it?

Both the Rapid test and PCR test are $100 per test. The patient’s insurance will be billed directly to cover the full cost of the test. In the case of an uninsured patient, Nova Labs will submit a bill to the Health Resources & Services Administration to cover the cost of the test.  

There are no appointments available. Can I walk in?

Walk-ins are accepted but will be taken after those with appointments.

Do I need to have my flight itinerary for a testing appointment?

Yes. Testing staff will check for boarding passes or airport badges prior to administering the test.

Is the lab pre-approved and a trusted partner by Hawaii?

At this time, Nova Labs is not an approved partner for Hawaii pre-screening services.

How do I share my test results with my airline or destination?

Test results will be provided via the Nova Labs patient portal. Visit to login in.

What is the procedure if a passenger tests positive?

When a test result is positive, Nova Labs will share the information with the County of San Luis Obispo’s Public Health Department. Those who test positive should not travel, and instead quarantine themselves in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my test?

All questions regarding appointments, processing, or test results should be directed to Nova Labs: (877) 230-1518 or

All questions regarding appointments, processing, or test results should be directed to Nova Labs: (877) 230-1518 or